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KUBO makes coding as easy as doing a puzzle! Together with its screenless, tangible TagTile programming language, KUBO simplifies abstract concepts in coding and lays the foundations for computational literacy. It also teaches essential 21st-century skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

As tactile as a TagTile

KUBO makes coding as simple as a puzzle for children aged 4-10. Expect hours of fun with your kids as KUBO and its TagTiles make the complex world of programming fun and engaging! There’s no other educational robot like it! Choose between KUBO’s class set, which is intended for classroom use, or KUBO’s single set to get started.

As tactile as a TagTile

KUBO’s programming language is designed like a puzzle — tangible, intuitive, and completely screenless. The TagTiles can be used to build increasingly complex code as students develop their capabilities but are simple enough for beginners to engage with and understand. They’re also flexible enough to teach students a number of different subjects, including music, math, and spelling.

KUBO’s online curriculum platform

KUBO Education (or KEDU for short) is KUBO’s online curriculum platform. It is where you can find curriculum-related material like KUBO’s Coding License. KEDU is also a community resource where like-minded educators can come together to exchange ideas, upload activities their students have designed for KUBO, or download projects other teachers have shared.

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KUBO gives you the license to code!

KUBO’s Coding License introduces students to basic concepts in coding and computational thinking. It has four sections that correspond to four crucial 21st-century competencies: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, plus an introductory section to get you started. Once students have completed every section, their license to code can be downloaded from our website!

If you’re an educator, find KUBO’s Coding License here: