Hands-on products to develop Computing and STEM subjects


Build. Code. Learn.

Pitsco produces a range of hands-on STEM solutions allowing students to develop core competency in science, technology, engineering, and maths. Their products have made a lasting impact on more than 8 million students worldwide and at Creative Hut we are proud to stock two of the key Pitsco ranges TETRIX® Max and TETRIX® Prime. You can discover below TETRIX can make a difference in your classroom. Each kit provides engaging projects developed against the curriculum at every stage.

TETRIX® Max and TETRIX® Prime

TETRIX Max and TETRIX Prime are the latest in robotics innovation from Pitsco Education. Built with versatile features and rugged durability, these robotic systems have incredible compatibility with other control systems, including LEGO Mindstorms, Arduino, NI myRIO, Raspberry Pi and more. TETRIX Prime can instantly integrate into existing TETRIX Max, or LEGO Technic systems. This offers your students exponential opportunities for robotic designs and construction.

Pitsco tetrix EV3 build


An added bonus of the two building systems – they are actually better together. The congruent hole patterns align, meaning PRIME and MAX are completely compatible and can be used to enhance your students’ creativity.

Increase Student Engagement with STEM Concepts

TETRIX Prime and TETRIX Max converts excitement and engagement with robotics into learning outcomes. The builder’s guide will help you construct three robots that can be built with parts included in the Starter Set. It delivers interconnected science, technology, engineering and math concepts.

Quick Assembly and Disassembly

Both of these robotic systems feature a patented Quick Rivet system, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly of builds. This system uses common tools and materials, so your students will be comfortable completing tasks on their own or in a team.

Affordable Options for the Classroom

Purchase the TETRIX Prime Starter Set and the TETRIX Max Starter Set individually or in a Class Pack to fit your needs. These systems can be re-used again and again. It’s an incredible value for your school and your students.