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A modular robot for everyone!

With Fable, students can create their own robots in minutes. They can click different modules together in a myriad of ways to create the robot's body, as well as give it senses and movements.

Depending on their level of experience, students can program the robot with visual blocks (Blockly) or in a text language (Python). Within a single lesson, students can work with innovation to solve issues from reality.
Fable is suitable for primary and lower secondary schools (9+), secondary education and higher education.

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Our Fable TryFree set is the ideal introduction to the market’s best modular programmable training robot. With the Fable robot system, one can teach programming, robotics and innovation in primary schools, secondary schools, vocational schools, at AMU and universities.
All schools and educational institutions can borrow a Fable Standard Set off and free for 30 days without any deposit and bond.


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What can you build?

Social Robot

Walking Robot

Robot Arm