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Free STEM & Computing Teacher Training Workshops

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STEM Teacher Training

Teacher Workshops - Key Stage 1-4

Bespoke Workshops

At CreativeHUT we feel it is essential for our customers to experience exactly how our products are used to enhance creativity whilst delivering the national curriculum.

We also think it’s important for you to see how course material has been structured and tested to meet the rigorous demands of the modern classroom environment.

Therefore, before considering a purchase, we encourage you to register your details so we can speak to you directly about structuring your very own bespoke workshop.

Meeting the National Curriculum

Our workshops are structured for your individual needs, as we offer different solutions suitable for the whole Primary & Secondary curriculum from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4.

During your scheduled session you will gain a hands-on experience of how products and supporting content have been developed to provide enriching educational experiences that cover the national curriculum across a range of subjects including:

  • Computing (ICT)
  • Science
  • Technology (D&T)
  • Maths
  • Engineering

Content Delivery

The CreativeHUT workshop program has been developed by Senior Consultant Neil Taylor who has over 6 Years experience working as a trainer for LEGO® Education and has used his experience working with educators to build relevant and impactful workshops across our full range including KUBO, Sphero, Pi-Top and TETRIX®.

Upon completing your workshop it is our responsibility to ensure you fully understand:

  • How to use the classroom material, lesson plans & content
  • What solutions are suitable for your school & classroom
  • The topics & areas of the national curriculum covered
  • The further capabilities of products e.g progression opportunities, advanced projects and extra-curricular clubs

"Our workshops focus on how you can inspire and engage your pupils through hands-on learning"

Neil Taylor - Senior Consultant